2018 Season

12 Oct 2018

A great season for us

 The 2018 breeding season was a great year for us , We produced more black Devils 2 years after we made the worlds first , we also has some other worlds first including paradigm inca , Hypo and normal Jinca ( Jungle Inca) , arctic and sharp snow Arabesques and a stunning sharp sunglow jungle IMG



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2018 Season
12 Oct 2018
A great season for us

UK first Keltic litter
2 Jun 2014
Keltic het anery and dh ghost litter

Sharp junglows born today
14 May 2014
female pastel sharp albino x pastel hypo jungle het sharp albino

TH snowglow and hypo motley TH snowglow babies born
5 May 2014
Female super ghost x sharp albino motley male

Black Eyed Anerys and Possible het litter
27 Apr 2014
Het black eyed anery x het black eyed anery

Single motley het Sharp survivor
2 Jun 2013
Motey x Sharp sunglow breeding

Paradigm and Sharp albino litter born
23 May 2011
These are the first paradigms to be born in the UK , from a male paradigm to a female Sharp strain albino , a very nice litter of paradigms and Sharp albinos

pastel salmon jungle litter born
20 May 2011
A perfect litter of salmon jungles, jungles, salmons and normals all poss het Sharp albino and probable pastel , from a male pastel jungle to a female double het Sharp sunglow

Small motley het sharp albino litter
8 Apr 2011
A very small litter from a Sharp albino male to a Columbian motley female

Super salmon and salmon litter born
17 Jun 2010
From a reduced pattern salmon male to a possible super salmon female , a small litter of salmons and supers

Type 1 anery litter born
7 May 2010
From a type 1 anery male to a type 1 anery female , a whole litter of type one anerys , with one odd looking anery in the litter

Pastel salmon litter born
30 Apr 2010
From a male super dh ghost to a female red pastel , a whole litter of extremely colourful pastel salmons , 50% possible het anery

Super ghost litter
23 Apr 2010
From a male ghost to a female dh ghost , a stunning litter of possible super ghosts ,possible super dh ghosts and anerys

Stunning pastel jungle litter
15 Apr 2010
A great litter from high expression pastel jungle male x a nice light common female, the litter consists of pastel jungles and pastel boas

Sharp albinos and hets with an added bonus
24 Mar 2010
From a Sharp strain albino male to a het Sharp strain female , in the litter there is Sharp strain albinos and 100% hets , there was also a paradox albino in the litter ,the first to be produced in the UK

Ghost litter
10 May 2009
A nice litter from an nerytheristic male to a DH ghost female breeding, in this litter there are 100% het Anerytheristics, Anerytheristic , dh ghosts and ghosts

Super salmons and salmons born
24 Apr 2008
Born from a salmon hypo to salmon hypo breeding , a very nice litter of normal's , salmons and super salmons .