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RDR Black Eyed Anery

Ralph Davis started the type 11 black eyed anerys from 2 imported boas , being anerythristic they lack red pigment and they are thought to be xanthic too , as they can make nearly pure white blizzards when bred with Sharp ot Kahl albinos 
They are simple recessive and make stunning combos when mixed with other morphs 


RDR Black Eyed Anery Motley 

Black eyed anery motleys are a combination of the black eyed anery and the dominant motley morph , these make outstanding motleys when combined with great contrast between the light back ground and the pre black 



The arctic glow is a combination of paradigm ( het bwc and het sharp albino) anery and hypo , they are infact a type of t+ snowglow 


Jungle boa

The jungle boa is an incomplete dominant pattern and colour mutation originally produced by Lars Brandle in Sweden
It generally has a very clean background with dark borders to the dorsal markings with varying amounts of aberrancies from a nearly normally looking clean boa ( low expression jungles ) to full chain link type patterns , stripes and other aberrancies ( high expression jungles )